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Honeylocs – Plano

Honeylocs Service and Price list

Welcome and thank you for considering Honeylocs for your natural hair services. Below are the services and prices we provide. 


  • Loc Maintenance Palm Roll $80
  • Loc Maintenance Interlocking $95
  • Loc Starter Coils $95/Two Strand Twists $110
  • Loc Starter Interlocking $125
  • Loc Trim $15
  • Loc Style Cut $25
  • Loc Detox $35
  • Loc Styles :
    • Updo $25
    • Loc Knots $35
    • Loc Petals $40
    • Braids/Crinkles $25
    • Tornado $45
    • Basket $25
    • Barrels $25
  • Loc De-Frizz $15
  • Loc Repair (w/ service) $7 per loc
  • Loc Repair Only $50 per hour
  • Loc Extension $10 per loc


  • Loc Maintenance Children Palm Roll $65
  • Loc Styles Children
    • Braids $15 -$25
    • Curls $25
  • Children’s Kinky/Spring Twists Extensions (hair not included) $85
  • Children’s Two Strand Twists (natural hair only) $55
  • Children’s Cornrows (natural hair only) $55
  • Children’s Cornrow (w/ extensions, hair not included) $85


  • Twist Out $75
  • Twist Out Transitioning $85
  • Two Strand Twists $75+
  • Twist Out Lengthened $95+
  • Flat Twists Updo $75
  • Bushy Twists $35
  • Comb Coils $75
  • Mohawk $75


  • Shampoo & Detangle (prior to  braid service) $25
  • Wig Prep Braids (with shampoo) $45
  • Wig Prep Braids (without shampoo) $35
  • Stitch Braid Cornrows (hair not included) $100
  • Goddess Braids (hair not included) $115
  • Cornrow Adults (natural hair only) $100
  • Cornrows Adults w/extension hair(hair not included) $150+
  • Spring / Kinky Twists (hair not included) $175
  • Crochet Braids (hair not included) $135- 175


  • Shampoo & Condition $25
  • Trim $25
  • Deep Conditioning Treatment $15
  • Steam Conditioning Treatment $35
  • Big Chop $35

This price list is subject to change without prior notice. However, if your appointment is booked, the cost for your service will remain at the agreed price.

The Culture

The following guidelines help us to provide a professional atmosphere and the customer service our clients deserve.

For your convenience, we accept all major credit cards in addition to cash. Although we love children, we ask that only clients receiving a service are present during the time of service. Free Wifi is available. Changing styles from a more expensive style to a less expensive one on the same day may result in no price reduction.


Natural hair is unique therefore prior to making an appointment all new clients are asked to come into the salon for a consultation. The consultations are WALK IN,  provided to you free of charge and it allows us to discuss hair textures, achievable styles, and to recommend products that will help promote healthy hair and scalps. Consultations are Wednesday – Saturday between 12-2 p.m.  The average duration is between 10-15 minutes. Once your consultation is complete, we can book your appointment online before you leave the salon.

Cancellation policy

For your convenience appointments can be rescheduled or canceled online by logging in with your email and password 48 hours prior to the original appointment without penalty. Cancellations or rescheduling less than 48 hours of the service are subject to a $25.00 – $50.00 fee based on the amount of the service. CANCELLATIONS CAN NOT BE MADE VIA TEXT, EMAIL, OR BY VOICEMAIL.


All services at Honeylocs are booked online. Customers are able to book their appointments up to 90 days in advance.


At the time of booking “first-time clients” are required to pay a  deposit in order to secure their appointment. DEPOSITS CAN BE MADE AT YOUR CONSULTATION.  No appointment for ‘ new clients’ will be honored if the deposit has not been made and consultation completed. Credit Cards and cash are accepted. If you have questions regarding the deposit, please read the deposit section listed below.


The deposit for services under $100.00 is $50.00. Services up to $200.00 require a $75.00 deposit. Deposits for Services over $200.00 will be discussed prior to booking. This deposit will be applied to your appointment unless you are a no call/no show or you cancel less than 48 hours of the appointment.  In that case, the deposit is non-refundable.